“Supporting Our Sons” response

The “Supporting Our Sons” organization is a non-profit organization that wants to help get the boys of America back on the right path. The factors, though, that cause boys to be “off-track” in the first place is that they try to be masculine. Boys try to be these “bad boys” because they want to impress the ladies, because that is what is expected in society. Boys want to show off and be these guys that can hold their own and be their own person. The other problem is boys are just not interested in education and doing the right thing. A lot of that deals with pop culture where all these singers are being rebellious and not following the status-quo. In the end, the main factor to boys having these new problems is that, simply, society and the norms of scoiety are changing.

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What advertisements do I remember?

An advertisement that stays in my mind is one that talks about a particular subject that I am interested in. It also can stay in my mind if it shows or says anything that would make me say a “wow” feeling, or might be considered “scandolous”, because it is so offensive to a particular group of people. The advertisement might stay with me, if it simply made me laugh. The ad might also be an interesting fact that I might not have known before.

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What is personal identity?

Personal identity is a very complex thing that is not just one thing. It wraps around a series of things that define a person.  The first thing it is is your name. Without your name you can not be recognized indivdually, you are just a person just like everyone else, but your name makes you unique.

It also can be your race or religion. These two help classify someone into a smaller group, so that you can be recognized for who you are. It starts to dwindle to down to where you live and what school or work you attend. These characteristics helps people recognize you as from this or from that, which can also help people in knowing if you are a sports fan from this team or if you might believe in a certain thing that other people might not believe in.

It then trickles down to your hobbies and your characteristics. It includes what type of things you do, whether you are an active person who plays sports all day or a lazy person who lays down and watches t.v. or plays videogames. It also your personality, whether you are a shy person or a loud person. Your hobbies and characteristics help establish a uniqueness about yourself that people will remember you for.

Personal identity is also your age. It helps people to understand what generation you are from, and what events have happened in your lifetime. For instance, the elderly might remember a war that happened a long time ago, while a new born baby is getting adjusted to the world he or she is entering. Overall, personal identity is complex thing that has so many parts to it. D not be fooled, though, if you think you have a clear identity, because something might happen to change it up.

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A New Beginning

A man named Sam left Palestine for America at the age of 21 in 1979. His hope was to make money and pursue a caree to be a lawyer. Sam attended college in Illinois, where he was accompanied by his friend Bilal. Bilal had been in America studying in college, after he left Palestine as well.

Sam,unfortunately, had to change professions, because he could not pay the expenses for becoming a lawyer. He decided to take up a profession in business management, where he would later on become a real estate broker. In 1991,after Sam began studying in college in 1988, Sam graduated from college, after nine years of working at a factory that produced T.V. guides.

He was married to a woman named Christine for some of the 1980s, but the two eventually divorced, after having one child Nader. Sam, though, went on to marry the love of his life, Samia, in 1993, back in Jordan. The two are still married to this day.

Sam is now fifty-five years old and lives happily in Illinois. He still works at a real estate broker in Illinois.The journey that had him adjust to America was definitely a roller coaster ride, but Sam does not regreat it one bit. “I don’t regret it, through all that has happened, I did okay”.

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A Horrible Act in America

Racial profiling is a horrible thing in America that does not benefit society. This act definitely creates less equality, which has been a huge problem in the U.S. for a long time. African-Americans were treated as non-humans, because of how they look, and minorities today are getting their cars inspected, because of how they look.

Not only is racial profiling from prejudice, it can also create prejudice as well. Parents might start to tell their sons and daughters not to hang out with a certain person, because of he or she being a criminal. Prejudice should not be a factor in finding criminals. What should be a factor is an individual’s criminal record, or if someone is actually seen commiting a crime.

Racial profiling is also not good good, because it creates a sense of uneasiness and tension. When people hear prejudices about a certain type of people, they might want to stay away from these prejudged people and might segregate themselves. This is a big problem, because America has had segregation issues in the past, and probably does not want to relive those days. Racial profiling needs to be stopped in order to maintain order and equality in the U.S.

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How to Write a Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be a very stressing process with all of the elements

that go into it. There are many different parts of the process, when the day comes to

write this research paper. The steps can include developing a thesis, properly citing ,

finding out what you want to research, and last but not least, doing the research. The

following is a short “guide” to help you create a research paper.


First things first, you have to have a thesis. You need to know how to approach

the essay and what to research for the paper. Sometimes. your thesis will be an opinion

and you have to back up your opinion with your research, and sometimes it will not be.

Make sure to get good research from good websites,though.


Usually, websites that end with “.gov” are the best websites, because they will

have accurate information, instead of bad information other websites might have. The

next thing to be done after you have done all you research is write the main body



From my experience, there are three body paragraphs usually in a research

paper or any type of essay, as a matter of fact, but you should adjust to your situation.

Pick some main points, and then write about each them in detail in a paragraph. The

introduction and conclusion paragraphs are not to be forgotten either.


The intro helps to start off the essay, when it introduces the main topic and thesis

statement. It talks about what will happen in the rest of the essay with its overview. The

conclusion helps to give the reader a sense of closure , when it basically summarizes

the whole essay. Both are important, so be sure to write each one well.


The last part is the last page, the works cited. This is the part of the process

where you state all your sources and give some information about it. This info can the

author, publisher, date of publishing, title, and other things. Be sure to cite correctly,

because plaigarism is not a good thing to have. Check out some of Diana Hacker’s

works if you need help with proper citations.


Well, that is all I have to help you with writing a research paper. Hopefully, this

will help you with your future essays, and good luck.

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