How to Write a Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a research paper can be a very stressing process with all of the elements

that go into it. There are many different parts of the process, when the day comes to

write this research paper. The steps can include developing a thesis, properly citing ,

finding out what you want to research, and last but not least, doing the research. The

following is a short “guide” to help you create a research paper.


First things first, you have to have a thesis. You need to know how to approach

the essay and what to research for the paper. Sometimes. your thesis will be an opinion

and you have to back up your opinion with your research, and sometimes it will not be.

Make sure to get good research from good websites,though.


Usually, websites that end with “.gov” are the best websites, because they will

have accurate information, instead of bad information other websites might have. The

next thing to be done after you have done all you research is write the main body



From my experience, there are three body paragraphs usually in a research

paper or any type of essay, as a matter of fact, but you should adjust to your situation.

Pick some main points, and then write about each them in detail in a paragraph. The

introduction and conclusion paragraphs are not to be forgotten either.


The intro helps to start off the essay, when it introduces the main topic and thesis

statement. It talks about what will happen in the rest of the essay with its overview. The

conclusion helps to give the reader a sense of closure , when it basically summarizes

the whole essay. Both are important, so be sure to write each one well.


The last part is the last page, the works cited. This is the part of the process

where you state all your sources and give some information about it. This info can the

author, publisher, date of publishing, title, and other things. Be sure to cite correctly,

because plaigarism is not a good thing to have. Check out some of Diana Hacker’s

works if you need help with proper citations.


Well, that is all I have to help you with writing a research paper. Hopefully, this

will help you with your future essays, and good luck.

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