A Horrible Act in America

Racial profiling is a horrible thing in America that does not benefit society. This act definitely creates less equality, which has been a huge problem in the U.S. for a long time. African-Americans were treated as non-humans, because of how they look, and minorities today are getting their cars inspected, because of how they look.

Not only is racial profiling from prejudice, it can also create prejudice as well. Parents might start to tell their sons and daughters not to hang out with a certain person, because of he or she being a criminal.¬†Prejudice should not be a factor in finding criminals. What should be a factor is an individual’s criminal record, or if someone is actually seen commiting a crime.

Racial profiling is also not good good, because it creates a sense of uneasiness and tension. When people hear prejudices about a certain type of people, they might want to stay away from these prejudged people and might segregate themselves. This is a big problem, because America has had segregation issues in the past, and probably does not want to relive those days. Racial profiling needs to be stopped in order to maintain order and equality in the U.S.

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