A New Beginning

A man named Sam left Palestine for America at the age of 21 in 1979. His hope was to make money and pursue a caree to be a lawyer. Sam attended college in Illinois, where he was accompanied by his friend Bilal. Bilal had been in America studying in college, after he left Palestine as well.

Sam,unfortunately, had to change professions, because he could not pay the expenses for becoming a lawyer. He decided to take up a profession in business management, where he would later on become a real estate broker. In 1991,after Sam began studying in college in 1988, Sam graduated from college, after nine years of working at a factory that produced T.V. guides.

He was married to a woman named Christine for some of the 1980s, but the two eventually divorced, after having one child Nader. Sam, though, went on to marry the love of his life, Samia, in 1993, back in Jordan. The two are still married to this day.

Sam is now fifty-five years old and lives happily in Illinois. He still works at a real estate broker in Illinois.The journey that had him adjust to America was definitely a roller coaster ride, but Sam does not regreat it one bit. “I don’t regret it, through all that has happened, I did okay”.

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