What is personal identity?

Personal identity is a very complex thing that is not just one thing. It wraps around a series of things that define a person.  The first thing it is is your name. Without your name you can not be recognized indivdually, you are just a person just like everyone else, but your name makes you unique.

It also can be your race or religion. These two help classify someone into a smaller group, so that you can be recognized for who you are. It starts to dwindle to down to where you live and what school or work you attend. These characteristics helps people recognize you as from this or from that, which can also help people in knowing if you are a sports fan from this team or if you might believe in a certain thing that other people might not believe in.

It then trickles down to your hobbies and your characteristics. It includes what type of things you do, whether you are an active person who plays sports all day or a lazy person who lays down and watches t.v. or plays videogames. It also your personality, whether you are a shy person or a loud person. Your hobbies and characteristics help establish a uniqueness about yourself that people will remember you for.

Personal identity is also your age. It helps people to understand what generation you are from, and what events have happened in your lifetime. For instance, the elderly might remember a war that happened a long time ago, while a new born baby is getting adjusted to the world he or she is entering. Overall, personal identity is complex thing that has so many parts to it. D not be fooled, though, if you think you have a clear identity, because something might happen to change it up.

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